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The ASAT-Environment

Science environment1.Animal testing and safety assessment are inseparably linked. Current toxicological risk assessment for health protection cannot be done without the use of data that have been generated in animal experiments.2.Research on ‘alternatives to animal testing’ is aiming at reducing, refining and replacing animal testing for safety reasons as well as other applications of animal testing.3.Toxicological risk assessment is seeking new approaches such as translational toxicology, threshold of toxicological concern, intelligent testing.4.New science and technology is arriving such as ‘omics’, system biology, and bioinformatics. They are impacting on animal testing, research on alternatives, toxicological risk assessment and risk based public health protection.5.Health protection based on public health risk assessment, ASAT; Assuring Safety without Animal Testing, has the ambition to provide its information needs by test models based on human biology, thereby making animal testing redundant.Professional environmentResearchers responsible for developing new medicines, their efficacy and safety, work in a different professional environment than those that develop pesticides which is different again from those responsible for the safety of food additives or another professional environment such as paint.Interaction between these professionals and those that are working on alternatives to animal testing or on new approaches to risk assessment and public health protection is limited.Regulatory environmentSafety, health and environmental protection are highly sensitive subjects. Safety assessment and the approval of chemicals and products by both industry and government are managed within complex legal and regulatory frameworks. The regulatory frameworks differ for different categories of chemicals and products. However, frameworks for the similar categories of chemicals or products differ from country to country or region such as the EU.Societal environmentThere are factors external to science such as an increasing dislike of animal testing in large parts of society that have played an important role in placing animal testing on the public agenda. The need for more accountability of the private and public sector has increased the awareness about animal testing practices and policies and the need for transparency on how safety of the general public, the work force and the environment are managed.Change managementThe development of science and technology are supported by substantial research programmes funded by the public as well as the private sector. However, these large funds usually don’t facilitate interaction with researchers outside its projects or programmes.There are neither systems that stimulate interaction between researchers except scientific journals and international scientific meetings nor is there funding to facilitate such interaction. Cisquan aims at filling this gap.

The ASAT-Environment

Assuring Safetywithout Animal Testing

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