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Questions & Answers

What is ASAT ?ASAT is offering an alternative to animal testing in chemical safety. Chemical risks are assessed based on information about the biological processes in man that are responsible for the health risks under scrutiny. This replaces information that otherwise would have been generated in experimental animals. ASAT aims at delivering improved health protection for man because it starts from human health risks. It makes the use of experimental animals for chemical safety redundant; chemical safety of our food and consumer products. ASAT is equally relevant for public health protection, occupational health protection and specific exposure conditions such as hobbies or DIY.What it is not !ASAT offers no alternative for other applications of animal testing than testing of chemicals for safety reasons. Based on the current state of development of science and technology it is not plausible that animal testing for other applications can be made redundant. However, progress can be made by applying the 3-R’s principles: refinement, reduction and replacement.These other applications include: • Fundamental and exploratory science, • Research and development of medicines and certain pesticides e.g. rodenticides, • Quality control of medicines.ASAT does not provide a replacement perspective because animal data that have been generated in R&D will be used in safety assessment, side effects in particular. In medicine the application of ASAT is restriced to non mechansim of action related safety issues.Most medicines aim at an effect in people with a disease whereas safety assessment primarily focuses on healthy people.Who can participate in ASAT?Anyone who is involved in human health risk based public health protection with the objective - to improve public health protection and - to eliminate the use of experimental animals in safety testing,is effectively working on ASAT.This includes: - Developing new human biology based health risk paradigms - Advancing the underpinning human biology science and - The indicators to generate information for risk assessment - Developing the necessary “system biology”-, “in-vitro” and human models, - Developing and adjusting existing technology for measuring health risk indicators.Any individual, research group who is involved in developing the necessary science and technology and any individual, research group or organisation that is enabling such work is effectively advancing ASAT.Interested in using the ASAT brand?Click here.


Questions & Answers

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