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Cisquan explained

ProposalThe ASAT-Foundation is proposing the development of ASAT-Cisquan. This network is to promote and facilitate the interaction between all scientific experts and researchers that have an interest in the ASAT-Initiative by actively contributing to its development or its relevance for their own work. The network will be equally available to all researchers and scientific experts that directly or indirectly are involved in alternatives to animal testing as well as alternatives to safety assessment. The network will include stakeholders such as regulators and policy makers as well as politicians, NGOs and media that have a stake in ASAT and its underpinning science and technology. The network considers informing the general public an integral part of its remit.The caseThere is a case for a Cisquan network because alternative approaches to health and environmental protection such as ASAT which aims at eliminating animal testing for health and safety reasons and alternatives to animal testing in a more general sense are developed in an intrinsically complex scientific, professional and regulatory environment (appendix). Research is carried out on similar subjects in different application areas; medicines, food, consumer products, etc. Innovation in one area will impact the other areas. There is no ‘natural’ process by which actively contact between professionals and stakeholders is established or information delivered to those who might have an interest. A small team of professionals enables and supports Cisquan. This team uses innovative web based technology to bring people and information actively together. Discussing common issues will create many opportunities for synergy that currently remain unused. Cisquan will allow a more efficient deployment of resources i.e. time and money and a faster delivery of benefits to society, health protection and elimination of animal testing for safety as well as to the economy, innovation, new small and medium size business, SMEs, and competitiveness. Cisquan will be an effective enabler because it is science based, neutral and independent.CisquanASAT-Cisquan is a network for and from professionals and stakeholders committed to eliminating animal testing for health protection and environmental protection purposes; the ASAT-Initiative. It draws from various communities engaged in advancing alternatives for animal testing, alternative approaches to health and environmental protection and their enabling technologies. It is a square to meeting and exchange information and ideas. It has the characteristics of a round table to facilitate genuine discussion situated in a network of committed individuals It is different because it actively brings people, information and technology together thereby saving its customers time and energy.Cisquan will be:• Science based, neutral and independent,• Non-commercial,• Flexible, free and open,• Sheltered for scientific brainstorming and problem solving,• Designed with and for its participants,• An active community of institutions and individuals working together to solving common problems and sharing best practices. The professional development and independent knowledge sharing will be benefits hard to find elsewhere.CommunityThe Cisquan community draws on the contributions of many organizations and individuals around the world. The Cisquan community is responsible for all aspects of evolving the Cisquan CSE, Collaboration and Science Environment. Members of the Cisquan community believe this community-driven development model will inevitably lead to the best results and products for use. GovernanceAn independent Foundation will be responsible for ASAT-Cisquan. The ASAT-Cisquan Foundation will be a non-profit organisation with a small staff and modest budget. It encourages community-building between academic institutions, non-profit and commercial organizations and provides its members and others with an institutional framework within which ASAT-Cisquan projects can flourish.

Cisquan explained

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