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January and ongoingcont. P6 ProgrammeJanuaryPreparing workprogramme Chemicals and Cancer.MarchTNO will further develop their ‘ASAT Knowledge Base’, a knowledge- and dataplatform based on the ASAT principe ('Assuring Safety Without Animal Testing'). Click here.AprilHorse and Cart: The ASAT concept supporting DSRAT on Facebook. Click here.SeptemberReport of the 2013 workshop finalised. Click box to download report: in Dutch.OctoberStart preparing projectplan chemicals and cancer.NovemberThe Chair of the ASAT-Foundation appointed, in an individual capacity, advisor on science matters to the Board of Proefdiervij (Dutch Society for the Replacement of Animal Testing.

Actvities 2014

Assuring Safetywithout Animal Testing

ASAT logic is irresistible

ASAT is science based

ASAT is comprehensive

ASAT is global

Benefit to experimental animals

Benefit to environmental protection

Benefit to public health