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January and ongoingcont. ASAT-2010-11 ProgrammeFebruari 2-3, NoordwijkerhoutTNO workshop about nano-technology and innovative human health protection. What are the information needs and how can thay be provided.February 2Presentation ASAT and Nano-technology. Download presentation:MayReport TNO Nano-workshop available. Download report:JuneStart Activities ZonMw programme: More Knowledge with less experimental animals.OctoberIRAS reports of workshops received. Will be made available in due course after acceptation of papers.DecemberLack of human tissue-specific correlations for rodent pancreatic and colorectal carcinogensJeffrey W. Card a, Hana Fikree a, Lois A. Haighton a, Valentia Lee-Brotherton a, Joanne Wan a, Bart Sangster b.Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 64 (2012) 442–458a) Intertek Cantox, 2233 Argentia Road, Suite 308, Mississauga, ON, Canada L5N 2X7b )ASAT-Foundation, Landlustlaan 30, 2265 DR Leidschendam,the Netherlands.

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Assuring Safetywithout Animal Testing

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