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January 22, LondonDiscussion with the Safer Medicines Trust UK; February 8, LondonPresentation at the Rotary Club of London. Generous donation appreciated. 2, the HagueMember Sounding Board ASAT of ZonMw: - ongoingASAT-2010 Programme with Dutch Society for the Replacement of Animal Testing (DSRAT): MayColumn Nano technology: safety assessment and animal testing (in Dutch) 22 JuneSupport to the Safer Medicines Trust that is proposing a study to assess the effectiveness of animal tests against a panel of state-of-the-art techniques based on human biology. JuneEFSA Scientific Committee Seminar, Parma Italy: Trends and Developments in Risk AssessmentUpdate on Assuring Safety without Animal Testing. Download presentation: 1August ASAT-2010 ProgrammeIRAS committed to organising workshops in 2011 on human health risks:- Thyroid degeneration,- Decreased male fertility.August ASAT-2010 ProgrammeStudy commissioned to Cantox:- Feasibility Study to Evaluate Correlations between Results of Animal Cancer Bioassays and Predictability of Human Cancer Risk from Chemical Exposures.September ASAT-2010 ProgrammeTNO committed to organising two workshops early 2011 on human health risks of nano-technology17 NovemberExpertmeeting "Van denken naar doen", hosted by ZonMw, the Hague.7 DecemberPresentation for the Extended Advisory Group on molecular screening and toxicogenomics of the OECD, in Washington DC. Download presentation: 2

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Assuring Safetywithout Animal Testing

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